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Image of Buki Chemistry Set with 75 Experiments

Buki Chemistry Set with 75 Experiments

Become a scientist in your own lab with this brilliant Chemistry Set! There's no less than 75 fun and scientific experiments you can conduct with everyday objects and included in the kit are a set of safety goggles, test tubes with lids, a funnel, beakers,...

Image of Buki Crystal Lab

Buki Crystal Lab

This amazing Crystal Lab allows you to create crystals of all colours - including neon! Test out all 15 experiments using your microwave to create amazingly colourful crystals in no time! The kit includes salt derivatives, boxes, a pipette, tweezers,...

Image of Buki Light Experiments

Buki Light Experiments

Kids who love Science will love this Light Experiment set. They'll be entertained for hours making shadow figures, creating rainbows, projecting star constellations on the bedroom ceiling, making phosphorescent pendulums and making objects seemingly float...