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Image of Angus Figure

Angus Figure

'A figurine for children to recreate the story of Merida. Combine with Angus, her powerful Clydesdale horse, and Triplets, Merida and Merida Sneaking. Encourages hand-eye coordination and sparks the imagination. Colourfully hand-painted and made from...

Image of Appaloosa Stallion

Appaloosa Stallion

'Fun and realistic plastic Appaloosa Stallion Horse figure, add it to your childs figurine collection or it makes a fabulous addition to a farmyard or stables playsets!'

Image of Beast Figure

Beast Figure

'Detailed and handpainted figurine from Walt Disney's animation movie 'Beauty and the Beast'. Made of high quality Thermoplastic (PVC free), the figure stands approx. 10 cm tall.'

Image of Dimetrodon Museum Line

Dimetrodon Museum Line

'The Dimetrodon belongs to the genus of carnivorous dinosaurs. It is so named because it had a large skull with two different types of teeth. It grew up to 3.5 metres long. In addition to the long tail, the Dimetrodon had large claws on the feet and...

Image of Disney Frozen Fever Anna Figure

Disney Frozen Fever Anna Figure

'A character from the Disney short film Frozen Fever. Play alongside Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven figurines.'

Image of Disney Frozen Olaf Figurine

Disney Frozen Olaf Figurine

'Olaf is a rather strange snowman who has come to life. He's actually a member of the Snow Queen's dangerous snowman army. He sometimes appears rather goofy and, amazingly, the individual parts of his body are removable.'

Image of Disney Pixar Planes Mayday

Disney Pixar Planes Mayday

'Feisty old Mayday has been Propwash Junction's fire and rescue truck for ... ever. He's always rarin' to go, but he's lost a little speed over the years. Plus, his hoses are leaky and he can't see much without his glasses. Propwash Junction is growing...

Image of Donkey Toy

Donkey Toy

'Figurine thermoplastic (PVC) size approx. 11 cm. Hand-painted model.'

Image of Haflinger Stallion

Haflinger Stallion

'Detailed and handpainted figurine. Made of high quality Thermoplastic (PVC free), the figure stands approx. 14 cm tall.'

Image of Magician Elarion

Magician Elarion

'Have you always wished to be a magician? It would be really great sometimes wouldn't it? The magician usually wear a magic cape and a matching hat. The hat is very large and pointed. Elarion even has a magic wand with him so he can use magic to do whatever...

Image of Prince Charming

Prince Charming

'Bullyland strive to perfect these hand painted, 'true to life' action figures. Bullyland is the only manufactuer worldwide that has developed a PVC-free based material.'